PONCOTAN is looking for animators and production staff for the animated series 6HP!

Kaikai Kiki is an art production and management company headed by contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. PONCOTAN is the company’s film and video production division, which focuses primarily on 3D graphics, visual effects, and animation.

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Why Work at PONCOTAN?

  • Cutting-edge equipment and software
    All employees, including new hires, have access to the latest equipment.
  • Training tours and location scouting in Akihabara, Tokyo Disney Resort, South Korea, and more
    Working at PONCOTAN entails more than just deskwork at the studio. You will be able to travel to see scenery, buildings, and other locations that appear in your work for inspiration! 
  • Film and video division of an art production and management company
    At PONCOTAN you will have the chance to be involved in Murakami’s artwork and gain experiences in more than just animation and visual effects—this is a unique opportunity only at a Kaikai Kiki studio!
  • Catered lunch
    PONCOTAN occasionally provides all staff members free healthy catered lunches. Choose from a vegetable-oriented menu featuring a wide variety of foods—from Japanese and Chinese to Thai. It’s good for you and your wallet. ♪
  • Nakano studio: Located in Nakano, the subculture mecca of Japan! (Close to Nakano Broadway).
  • Sapporo studio: Conveniently located near Sapporo Station and Bus Center-Mae Station (Next to Sapporo Factory).


Nakano studio
Nakano Chuo Bldg. 6 Fl, 5-68-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

TV animation production
6HP series


PONCOTAN is now looking for animators and background artists for our new 6HP project!

Kaikai Kiki’s film and TV production division, PONCOTAN, began in Sapporo in April 2011, and soon after opened a second studio in Motoazabu. In 2016 a third studio was opened in Nakano, which focuses on animation.

Nakano PONCOTAN is now looking for production assistant staff, assistant directors, animators, and background artists to be involved in the 6HP project. Looking for a job that sparks your creativity, where you can experience the joy of seeing your work released into the world? Then click below to apply.


Nakano studio
Nakano Chuo Bldg. 6 Fl, 5-68-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Computer graphics and visual effects for live-action films and 3D computer animation
Jellyfish Eyes and 6HP series


An animation, match-moving, and sculpting studio, VFX PONCOTAN launched in 2013 with staff from the Sapporo studio. It creates computer graphics and visual effects for the Jellyfish Eyes live-action movies and computer graphics in collaboration with the Sapporo and Nakano studios for the 6HP series.

VFX PONCOTAN also has a sculpting division that produces figures and other three-dimensional works of art. The studio is always looking for production assistant staff, and production staff such as 3D graphic designers, 2D designers, and camera operators. VFX staff members also get the chance to work at the Nakano and Miyoshi studios, allowing you to gain experience at a variety of locations!


Sapporo studio
Iwasa Bldg. 2 Fl, 5-5 Kita 3 Johigashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

3D computer animation for 6HP and Yume Lion series and more


This is where Kaikai Kiki’s film and video division started!

Kaikai Kiki’s film and video division began in Sapporo, headed by mebae. Before working on the animated TV series 6HP, the studio released a Hatsune Miku music video and a promotional video for the 6HP Christmas cosmetics collection in collaboration with cosmetics company Shu Uemura. Sapporo PONCOTAN is now looking for 3D graphic designers and 2D designers. As long as you have the skills, no experience is required. Good communication skills and passion for creating animation are a must.
Would you join us in creating animation in Sapporo?