Kaikai Kiki has invited mebae, as part of its artist management businesses, to become the studio director of Sapporo PONCOTAN. See below for a list of projects mebae has been involved in.

mebae Illustrator / Animator / Manga Artist

mebae is an artist who was born and lives in Hokkaido. A member of the anime production group Picograph since he was a university student, mebae worked as the animation director and character designer for the movie Tailenders, and has done artwork for a number of animated films and series, manga, and other media. Currently he serves a number of roles including the character designer and the lead animation director for 6HP, as well as the manager of PONCOTAN’s Sapporo studio. pixiv | twitter

Batou Shoujo (Reviler Girl)—a Collection of mebae’s Artwork

Aug. 10, 2016
On August 10, 2016, Batou Shoujo (Reviler Girl), a collection of mebae’s artwork, was released by Kadokawa.

Batou Shoujo (Reviler Girl) is a series of artworks which began as illustrations of a girl with the hashtag “#BatouShoujo” posted by mebae on Twitter. The illustrations of a beautiful girl abusing readers with words, facial expressions, and behaviors generated a lot of buzz on Twitter and pixiv.

The book includes all artwork from the mebae’s dojinshi (coterie magazine) Batou Shoujo (Reviler Girl) #1 and Batou Shoujo (Reviler Girl) #2 as well as new illustrations.

Batou Shoujo (Reviler Girl)
Publisher: KADOKAWA
Editor: Dengeki Maoh editing dept.
Suggested retail price: ¥920 + tax
Release date: Aug. 10, 2016

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PONCOTAN’s First Release—Music Video for “Redial” by livetune feat. Hatsune Miku

Mar. 20, 2013
The music video for the song “Redial” was released on March 20, 2013, coinciding with the launch of “Re:Dial,” the new album by livetune featuring Hatsune Miku for which mebae did the album cover art. It marked the first major project for the 3D animation production studio PONCOTAN.

mebae’s uncompromising approach to his work is fully apparent in this completely 3D-animated video of Hatsune Miku dancing. The video was directed by Kaikai Kiki’s president, Takashi Murakami. Choreography is by Ken Maeda, well known for the dance moves for the Pretty Cure TV series. STAG, one of the artists who exhibited works in the PONCOTAN exhibition at the end of 2012, A Nightmare Is A Dream Come True: Anime Expressionist Painting, designed the room in the video. Thanks to all the amazing energy and talent involved, the video became a worldwide hit.

Attention to detail is one of PONCOTAN’s strengths, and the scenes of Hatsune Miku leaving the digital backdrop behind to fly through the sky and over the sea fully demonstrate the studio’s skills and willingness to take on challenges.

mebae’s First Standalone Graphic Novel—Nonscale

mebae’s first standalone graphic novel with cute and sexy artwork that drives us crazy!

Nonscale is a collection of nine full-color short works originally featured in Quarterly Gelatin, Natsuhime, and Yukihime, 80% of which have been retouched or revised for this publication. The book contains 160 pages of cute but dangerous girls drawn by the extraordinary artist, including the book’s namesake series about the struggles of an 18-meter tall pretty girl and “Karakorumu Jogakuin,” a story about a physical exam that takes place on a snowy mountain.

It also includes a deluxe collection of character concept sketches, posters, and other beautiful illustrations that will make fans water at the mouth, as well as cute characters selected by Take and Matayoshi. It’s a book filled with fickle girls that will toy with you.

Publisher: Wanimagazine; B5 size
Release date: Mar. 29, 2012

ILLUSTRATION 2014, Featuring Cover Art by mebae

May 23, 2014
mebae provided the cover art for the art book ILLUSTRATION 2014, which was released on May 23.

The book features 150 of Japan’s hottest contemporary illustrators, covering a wide range of genres including anime, manga, light novels, books, video games, and internet culture. mebae was also featured as one of the artists in ILLUSTRATION 2013.

The book jacket was designed by designer Tomoyuki Arima aka TATSDESIGN. The vivid blue in the background enhances the colorful androgynous girl illustrated by mebae. And if you remove the book jacket, there is a remix of the jacket art by art director Tamio Iwaya aka GraphersRock on the cover. The book also includes an interview with mebae and TATSDESIGN about what went into completing the book jacket art. The interview provides a glimpse into the creative process, including what they focus on as an illustrator and designer and how they influenced each other to produce a new design.

The book also includes the works of other Kaikai Kiki artists, ob and JNTHED, so be sure to check out their entries too.

Publisher: Shoeisha
Release date: May 23, 2014